Panty lines and Perfection

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These are two things I find annoying and practice daily to avoid.

  • Panty lines are manageable by the choice of undies you wear or, on some occasions, not wear.  Panty lines lead to wedgies which are simply unbearable. I’m baffled by those who haven’t yet figured this out.
  • Perfectionism is like a brain wedgie; you stay stuck and uncomfortable because neither it nor you are ever ‘perfect’.  Nothing gets finished or it takes five times as long to finish it because it just isn’t ‘right’

I’ll tell you a secret….nothing is perfect because everything is perfect.  What’s perfect to me is anathema to another.  Another secret, those of us with the perfectionism gene have a few control issues as well. I know because I have it too.

 Every day I remember that sometimes 80% is good enough – this took practice – and then it became fun because I realized I was the only one who actually cared about my personal pursuit of perfectionism. Those that loved me and those that mattered were thrilled with my 80% because the remaining 20% they were getting was the real me; the authentic me.  I’m working on an even greater percentage because I’ve discovered – I’m already perfect.

Now…your turn.