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Are you happy? Who makes you happy? What makes you happy? Do happy people bug you?

Most of us look to outside sources to provide our happiness. We believe we’ll be happy when we just get that perfect job or meet just the perfect one or just lose that weight. These ‘justs’ are excuses that prevent us from experiencing joy and happiness and keep us locked inside the gates of victim-acres.

Isn’t it time for a new address?

Take a very deep breath…exhale…and consider that you have everything you need to get anything you want. Nothing is missing.  

When you’re happy, what do you feel? What is your body saying? Does your spine tingle or do your eyes seem that much brighter? Start noticing when you experience a moment of happiness – feel the feeling; don’t dismiss it.

For me, it is an allover feeling of warmth combined with a sense of weightlessness. I get a kick that leaves joyful residue in my energy and sort of feels as if it’s tickling my spirit! What are your signals? Learn them, and then create ways to repeat them.

Still not sure where to look?

One way is in doing little things for others; when you make someone else happy in the moment, you absorb some of that. Instead of judging the way your co-worker dressed that day; consider what you like about them. Hold the door open for someone, do small, nice things all over the place all day just for the sake of spreading happiness.

Or, need real data? Check out this book http://www.rickhanson.net/books/hardwiring-happiness

Start, spend and finish your day looking for evidence of happiness. You’ll find it and you will feel it!

Happiness is contagious, practice spreading it around.