Did Eve have an orgasm?...and other questions that don't matter

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Did Eve have an orgasm? Really?!?!?! 

We spend an extraordinary amount of time asking ourselves questions that will never serve our higher purpose and suck up those moments that are gone in, well, a moment; let’s review.

 Why do I keep doing that? It doesn’t matter – just stop doing ‘it’ – choose a new habit to replace the old one, and keep choosing a new habit until the other one is done!

Does this make my butt look fat? It doesn’t matter – you get to decide and you get to change it - the clothes or your derriere. New jeans? New Gym? You choose.

Why me? It was in the past and possibly had nothing to do with you (read that line again). It happened; what can you learn from it, forgive (yourself and/or someone else) and move forward.

The next time you find yourself engaging in a Q&A with yourself – stop – turn that question into a statement of insight and action.

(Insight) Wow, look at that, I did it again! (Action) Change my (habit, attitude, potty mouth etc.) and do the opposite (stop smoking, be nice, and smile instead of cursing).

(Insight) This Mumu dress makes me look like a whale! (Action) but it’s really funny…I’ll wear it to Thanksgiving dinner just for kicks; then get on the treadmill tomorrow.

(Insight) Whoa, that cut deeply (Action) I need to be still, take a very deep breath, regroup and move forward.

Feel and hear the difference? Try it; let me know where you've applied this and how it worked for you.