When life gives you lemons.....make a milkshake!

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So, got a few lemons lately? Well, make a milkshake.

Remember....If nothing changes, then, nothing changes.

Identify what you think is happening in your life.  Let’s play with a few examples.

‘I keep meeting the same kind of men – they’re all jerks’; Ok, let's look at where and when you’re meeting these men (or women).  Be aware that YOU are the common denominator in these meetings so only YOU can change this. LOOK ELSEWHERE!

‘I never get invited’; Are you making it known that you want to be invited? It’s important to engage with others if you want to be included. Shyness can often be mistaken for disinterest – step up to the plate and take a hit; it gets easier and easier every time you try. And, try inviting them out for coffee, drinks, a hike etc. YOU must REACH OUT in order TO BE REACHED.

‘Why don't I get promoted – I’ve been here longer than any of them!’; Be honest about the value you bring to the company - do you hide in your cubicle and 'do your job' or are you engaged in other office activities (committees, volunteer opps etc.). Insert yourself in new ways that go the extra mile. Are those that can promote you aware of what you do? As someone once told me “no one cares about your job more than you”. Be your own champion, and be brave when you know it’s time to look elsewhere. LIFT YOUR NOSE UP FROM THE GRINDSTONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR OWN GROWTH.

Be a responsible and interested party in your own life and you will discover that no matter the lemons, limes or curve balls that come your way, you will be prepared to deal.