Who's Your Lion?

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Who’s your Lion?

Most of us have a Lion in our lives, perhaps your family owned a zoo or you had a stuffed version that kept you safe every night.

We see the lion as a source of strength, confidence and power – after all, he is the King of the Jungle.

Or is he a bit scared underneath…like all of us. 

Remember the Cowardly Lion of the Wizard of Oz? Now he’s a real Lion, one who’s willing to go the distance to be their best.

My personal Lion is any kitten on the planet.

They are so willing to climb to heights above, lose their balance, fall in a puddle, saunter off as if nothing happened and go chase a butterfly!

 I am in love with their fearlessness and continual sense of discovery.

I want to be fearless like a kitten; I strive to always be in discovery mode.

I choose to meow loudly!!