I really like my toes.

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I really like my toes…… Yes, I like my toes. They’re cute. They’re evenly spaced and elegantly level. And if my toenails are hot pink, even better!

Huh?  (That’s you, grunting)…toes? Gross!  Yep - toes. It’s all about gratitude baby.

It just so happens I have great toes even though my thighs aren’t the best ones on the beach.

And I am deeply grateful for all the little things that make me smile because some of the big things can get really heavy if I ignore gratitude and choose to wallow in my crappy little box.

What are the little things in your life that make you smile? Look around, find them, and then fill your heart with lots of little things that make you smile then use those moments of gratitude to ease whatever pain finds its way to you.

How about your toes? I bet they’re cute too.