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If not NOWWHEN will you create the life YOU want?

What happens in my Life Coaching Session? Working with a life coach requires a desire and commitment to change. There is work to be done, and fun to be had!  If you are ready and reliable for making your dreams come true – you’ve come to the right place.

Once we determine we’re a good match as client/coach through our initial session, you’ll complete a questionnaire which will tell me where you are in your life. We talk, we plan, and you create.

Remember, this is not therapy or advice, it is action inspired by commitment.

Life Coaching assumes you are a healthy, motivated person who has simply bumped up against a few things that need some attention and adjustment – otherwise, known as ‘change’.

Where do we meet? Our time spent together is over the phone, via Skype or we may decide together that an in-person meeting (if you’re in Seattle) is better.

How long will we work together? That depends on what you want to accomplish and which package you purchase.  See package details under ‘ready to work’.

Really, it’s up to you and what you want to achieve.

How long are the sessions? Sessions are typically 60 - 75 minutes each, meeting weekly for two to three times per month. You have the fourth (and sometimes 5th) week free….to continue the work of course.

What is my investment? I invite you to determine what value you place on yourself when you consider the investment. Remember, it is an investment in you and your life.

I always suggest you start with the complimentary session – which is complimentary!